Photographic / ˌfǝƱtǝˈ grafɪk - adj. relating to or resembling photographs


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My love of photography began as a kid reading National Geographic and photo essays on 20th century conflict. The war photography of masters like Don McCullin and Robert Capa really impressed upon me the power of the still image. The un-staged aspect of photojournalism really appeals to me which is why I love the natural styles of photographers such as Robert Doisneau and William Claxton.  

I started out by “borrowing” my mum’s old Pentax P30n, which I never gave back. I started learning and experiment and my passion grew from there. I now work almost exclusively in digital format. It gives me the ability to turn time critical jobs around fast which is essential in the age of the social network. Digital also opens up the possibility for a more enjoyable collaborative approach between photographer and client when shooting portraits.

My portfolio covers event and documentary photography, portraiture and landscapes. My photos have been published in magazines, event programmes and online. I have worked for Yes Scotland, National Collective, Stewarts Brewing, Geiteberg Folk Festival and a wide range of artists, bands and performers. 

I am interested in all forms of photographic work and offer free consultations and completely flexible price packages. I am based in Inverness but I am happy to travel. Please call or email and get in touch.

Simon Baker
Baker Photographic.

Simon brought our festival alive to the wider world through his skilled and emotive photography of musicians and audiences. His eye for capturing the mood and atmosphere of the event was brilliant. We cannot recommend his work highly enough.
— Brian Ó hEadhra, Co-director of Geiteberg Folk Festival.